Sunday, March 7

Our News

06/12/2012 : CCTV system in a factory at Ano Liosia

22/11/2012 : Store construction in Athens "Το χρυσό στάχυ"

18/10/2012 : 100kW photovoltaic park at Faragga in Lakonia

11/08/2012 : Store construction in Athens (Fournos Ampelokipon)

02/05/2012 : Constraction of modern garden lightning at Saronida 

10/04/2012 : Construction of a photovoltaic unit of total production power of 94.47 kwp at Sximatari for SLR-ΕΝΕΡΓΕΙΑΚΗ Α.Ε.

19/03/2012 : Electromechanic works at Newmelon offices in Athens 
15/10/2011 : Photovoltaic unit at Kifisia

20/07/2011: Office and business areas construction for “Arvaniti Bros A.G.C.” at Aigaleo

14/06/2011: Photovoltage (P.V.) module 10 kw at Kamatero

: House construction at Kokkino Mylo.

03/05/2011: Shop and business area constructions at Gounari St., Kamatero

02/02/2011: “Didymo / coffee, bread, pastry” bakery shop at  Ano Patisia

12/01/2011: “Pappas / coffee – bread – pastry” Bakery store at Peiraias

10/12/2010: Electrical installation with use of “Zelio Logic” system by “Schneider Elektrik” at two (2) pool maisonette complex at St. Paraskevi

15/11/2010: SPILCO business hall construction at Philadepheia

05/10/2010: Automatic lighting installation at luxury house at Varibobi

13/06/2010: Medium voltage replacement 1250 kVA and central field 2000 A installation

01/05/2010: P.C.V.T.C. (Proprietary Center of Vehicles Technical Control) TECHNOKINISI at Aspropyrgos

08/04/2010: Three (3) apartments’ electrical installation at St.Dimitris

12/02/2009: Central field replacement at Peristeri’s basketball courts

10/03/2009: “Smart house” implementation using “Zelio Logic” system by “Schneider Elektrik” at maisonette worksite at Varibobi

15/01/2009: “Smart house” implementation using “Galea Life” system by “Legrand” at villa located in Sharonida

18/11/2008: Haidari’s new City Hall, electrical installation

: Nineteen (19) maisonette complex construction at Kamatero